~ cynthia & david ~

our story

Though we’ve yet to meet, we already know we have 

one thing in common with you and your fiancé:

you are coming into this process 

with your best friend by your side.

 Since well before our own wedding in 2005, we been creating together.  

Together, we’ve built something in Oleander that not only celebrates each 

other and the things we hold dear, but pays forward our blessings by 

celebrating the love of genuine couples like you.

you would think it would be an easy undertaking for two married designers

to express the heart of their work together.

But sometimes it is difficult to put into words something so very personal.  

If there is one word we have heard repeated in reference to our designs,

it is romantic.

Romantic…to which one of us typically responds with a quiet giggle.

We're usually too immersed in our work and lives together to see it.

What we can always see clearly, though, is how our work reflects our relationship and our couples.

Rooted in tradition, beautifully imperfect, organic… raw… and incredibly romantic.


Creating thoughtful, intentional events with an eye for the full experience, beyond basic wedding checklists, naturally evolved from our shared joys.

Trends come and go, but our personal loves often circle back to the refined, timeless and ever always travel inspired.

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about oleander

In Oleander, a boutique wedding planning & design production studio, we have founded a partnership uncommon in today's event community.


Having trained under some of New York & Philadelphia's most established event stylists & floral designers, Cynthia's fine arts and photography background, passion for the botanical and keen sense of environmental design helped initially establish Oleander as one of the region's finest event studios.

David's successful career in interior architectural design, decor fabrication, metal casting, concrete sculpting and woodworking for commercial and residential clients throughout the Philadelphia & NYC markets then assisted in expanding Oleander's event capabilities far beyond the traditional.   


features & press

Over the years, we've had the pleasure and honor of seeing our team's hard work recognized by many of the industry's top publications.  

It always such a joy to relive the incredible moments shared with our couples as we flip through each article.  

If you wish to do the same, Links to a sampling of our recent features can be found in our portfolio galleries.


Love and thanks to all of our warm hearted, genuine, adventurous couples...

Bringing your dream to life, at home and abroad,

has brought life to ours.

You will always remain a part of our family!


a favorite moment together in iceland 

captured by the ever talented Jill & Ryan McGrath of With Love & Embers