Love . Write . Feed ...Passing on the Kindness of Oleander's Clients

It's that wonderful time of year again.   A time for thanks and joy and for sharing such sentiments with those around us.  Over the past year, we have found ourselves blessed many times over to have played such a special role in the lives of our clients.

And as a token of thanks, many of you have shared the sweetest sentiments we could ask for in the form of raves, recommendations and reviews.

We really do work with the most wonderful couples!

Up till now, we thought the best way to really thank our clients for such raves was to pass on the love by putting even more care into our next event.

Up till now...

This week, the team at WeddingWire announced an extraordinary initiative for the holiday season:


Love your Vendors . Write a Review . Feed a Neighbor .

For every review written, WeddingWire is pledging to donate $1 towards a warm meal to feed those in need this season.  So, for each positive little note you take the time to share on Oleander's WeddingWire Page found here,  a donation will go directly to a food bank within our local region.

Finally, we found a way to truly pass on the love!

All of our clients, family and friends, wherever you are in the design process are welcome to share your thoughts.  It is our privilege to pass on your kindness!

Please visit Oleander's WeddingWire Home and click Write a Review to participate.

Thanks so much and Best Wishes for a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!

Love to All,

Cynthia & David Manchester

The Oleander Team

&  the little assistant we are most grateful for...