Starting Back...A Proud Jersey Girl , Jersey Strong!


So after a unexpectedly long hiatus, courtesy of Hurricane Sandy, I am very proud to say that our happy little home at Oleander is back up and running! Though the storm left a few scratches in its wake,  we count ourselves among the fortunate.  We have our health and home, so life is good.

Sadly, many of those around us cannot say the same.  As a proud Jersey Girl, these are times I never imagined I would see.  Cliche to some...I know, but if there's a common fond memory shared among all those who call New Jersey home, it is of times spent on the Boardwalk.  It is a memory we were just beginning to forge in our daughter Norah.

So heavy are our hearts as we see the ruin it has become.  It is hard not to feel as though we lost a little of what could have been...chances to share with her a place we've loved so...a small bit of our history.

But now is not the time for wallowing in what could have been.  The people of the Jersey Shore, people like my grandfather, remain the real soul of what has made this place so memorable, not the boards, the rides, the pizza (Ok, maybe the pizza).  And just like my Pops, it is simply not in their nature to wallow for long.  They are entirely too salty, too stubborn, too strong for that.

As we reopen for business, it is with a reenergized pride and renewed sense of purpose to do all that we can to help restore New Jersey.  We are simply to stubborn but to do anything else.  So, moving forward, please indulge us as we occasionally highlight the efforts of both our studio and others as we work to rebuild.

I would like to think Norah will one day remember the Boardwalk as we do.  You can see from that strut she was well on her way.  But really, if I had to choose, I think I'd rather she remember those few nights without power when we danced by the radio...the hard work her dad and I have put in to bring ourselves and our friends back...the role her parents hope to play in making her Jersey home something even more special than it already was.

Nothing will make this Jersey Girl more proud.